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Save money, connect with your community and reduce carbon emissions.

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Why go2gether?

Cost Savings

Nuh-uh! We have the highest gas prices in the country! They never seem to stop rising, do they? Carpooling allows you to reduce your driving costs by sharing them with your passengers. Just think what you can do with thousands of dollars you save each year!

Time with Friends

Get to know your colleagues and neighbours, and catch up with old friends. Perhaps a new golf buddy will emerge from a commute to work? Spend more time making new connections and less time in traffic by cruising along in the HOV lane!

Trust and Safety

Did you know that we verify everyone's network email to ensure that you're going with no stranger or a zombie? You may have not yet met them, but they're no other than your classmates, professors, colleagues and fellow SFUers?

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