Frequently Asked Questions

What is go2gether?

go2gether redefines ridesharing through technology and peer communities by making it quick, easy and fun! You can find anyone in your network (i.e., university, company, etc) going the same way you are with only a few quick clicks on your phone anytime!

How does it work?

go2gether users post their desired trips, specifying departure date, time and location, as well as the location of your destination. Then, you can see who else is going your way close to the time you specified! Simply find a driver or a passenger you want to go with and request. Users will be notified via email or you can check in your notification center! When a trip has been confirmed between a driver and a passenger, you can call/text to finalize the details (specific meeting place and cost).

Who can use go2gether?

Currently, we are running a pilot at Simon Fraser University and the service is only open to SFU students, faculty and staff. Members from other universities can sign up with their email address and once we collect 500 email addresses, we will launch at your campus! Members from other organizations can email

How does the money stuff work?

The use of go2gether for members is absolutely free! We simply ask passengers to pay the drivers a fair share of the cost of driving, which includes gas, parking, insurance, depreciation, and maintenance cost. Also, for the drivers, we simply ask to not overcharge.

What about insurance?

You should check with your insurance agent since the details of each policy are different. Many policies provide that, as long as the driver is asking each passenger to pay no more than their share of the costs of the trip - sometimes known as a "share-the-expense carpool arrangement" - passengers should be covered by the driver's policy, subject to the various limitations of that policy.

What about safety?

Through the registration process, we do assure people's affiliation with a specific network. However, go2gether does not check any users' identification, driver's license, or insurance and does not represent that drivers are insured.